Balloon Artists
Our Balloon Artists are probably better than you’ve ever seen before! Every artist on our team can make over 100 balloon shapes, though many can twist even more. Our Tampa Balloon Artists have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, been seen on the Late Show with David Letterman, and have even performed in such places as China, Belgium, Japan, and all over the United States. Though we have many artists all over the country, most are in Florida in Tampa, St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, and Lakeland.

Face Painters
We believe our face painters are some of the best in the state of Florida. Every one of our talented face painters knows well over 100 different designs and is trained in how to paint quick and impressive face painting designs. Every event we work has guests commenting on just how impressive our face and body artists are. In fact, many of our face painters train other face painters that work at parties, events, and even amusement parks in the central Florida area. Serving Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg, Orlando and Lakeland.

The mystical and magical world of mermaids is not a reality. Astound and amaze your guests with these beautiful creatures of the deep. Our mermaids are top of the line entertainers complete with fully functional and swimmable latex/silicone tails that look so life-like you’ll wonder if mermaids truly are real. Our mermaids can come as an interactive photo opportunity, for a dry event to tell mermaid stories, or they can even come to a wet event and swim with your guests in a pool to provide the ultimate mermaid experience. We have mermaids in Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Clearwater, Lakeland, and St. Petersburg.

Caricature Artists
Have your guests turned into cartoons and drawn on paper as souvenirs they can take home with them. Our cartoon artists can create caricatures of all your guests young and old and offer a large variety of styles. Caricatures can be brought to life with color as well. As many of our artists have worked in major theme parks, beach scenes, and events for a number of years, they are some of the best caricature artists in the state. Some even winning industry awards throughout the year at national and international caricature events.

These are not the average old people in scary costumes you might expect from other entertainment companies. Ask to see photos of our clowns before booking them for your event so that you can see how great they look. Our party and event clowns can come in the full traditional clown outfits and clown makeup or we can provide a no makeup or minimum make up clown alternative for you event. Though most clowns claim to do a million different things like face painting, balloon twisting, magic, and juggling, our clowns are truly masters at a number of skills you would expect a clown to be proficient at. Don’t scare your guests away. Hire a professional clown today!

Whether it is a Christmas morning visit or a midsummer festival, hire a Santa that is right for you. Our Santas are top of the line and available with real beard, professional Santa suit and some of our Santas for hire are complete with a degree in Clauseology. We have Santas available throughout the year and within nearly any budget. Bring a little Christmas magic to your event and hire a Santa today. We have Santas in almost every major Florida City, but we specialize in entertainment in the Tampa, Clearwater, St. Petersburg area as well as the areas surrounding Orlando, Lakeland, and Miami.

Contact Juggling
This unique art form combines the complexity of juggling, the flow of dance, and the mystery of magic together for a one of a kind demonstration. Our main contact juggler is the Amazing Kenny who was the face of Fushigi, a rebranded contact juggling toy sold to children, and has performed in Japan at the Universal Studios theme park as well as countless places across the United States. Though contact juggling is fantastic as ambient entertainment on its own, the Amazing Kenny has also developed a number of contact juggling shows as well that are great for either adults or children. A professional in every sense of the word, the Amazing Kenny is sure to awe and amaze you and your guests at any event.

Bubble Show
This is not a bubble machine. It is a bubble artist. Our bubble show entertainer is able to come out to your event and teach your guests about the art of blowing bubbles. Every one of your guests will be able to walk away from the show with the ability to do new things with bubbles they may not have even known possible. At the end of the show guests may even receive their own bubble kit! Available in Tampa, Clearwater, and St. Petersburg. Will travel.

We recognize that every event is unique and make It a point to provide you with the absolute best fit for a magician. A cocktail hour may not benefit as highly from a children’s magician and a Birthday party may not be the best match for a nightclub magician. We take everything into consideration when hiring a magician for your event. Many of our magicians have been featured in Magic the Magazine, the leading industry standard in magic. Additionally, some of our magicians have attended the Magic and Mystery School with Jeff McBride or even taken part in running a convention or been a leader in their local magic clubs. Get a Lakeland Magician or an Orlando Magician today and make your event a great one! We also have magicians in Tampa, Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

Balls, rings, and clubs are only the beginning of our juggling arsenal. Jugglers are able to juggle fire, knives, and other odd things as well. All of our jugglers specialize in fun. So, whether they are performing a juggling show on a rola-bola, or over a bed of nails, your guests are sure to have a blast. Be sure to ask about other “juggling” shows too as we have unicyclists, yo-yo artists, diabolo artists, crystal sticks, devil sticks, poi spinners, hula hoop artists, contact jugglers, staff spinners, and other specialty juggling acts as well.

Glitter Tattoos
Glitter tattoo artists are able to provide semi-permanent body décor for your guests. The glitter tattoos, also called glimmer tattoos or glitter painting, are created by using a skin safe glue and a cosmetic grade glitter on the skin in a way that creates the look of a tattoo of glitter. Though we call them glitter tattoos, glimmer art can easily be taken off with a washcloth and a little rubbing alcohol. If you take care of them, your glimmer tattoos can last up to two weeks and can make you a glitter star! For boys, we offer a non-glitter flat black option that simulates a real tattoo.

Greet your guests like royalty with one of our princess hosts. Our princesses all have a top of the line princess dress that is elegant enough to wear to the next princess ball. So, whether you are looking for a Cinderella type princess or a princess of another sort, we are sure to have the right princess for your party or event. Many of our princesses have taken classes on proper princess etiquette at birthday parties and events and they are happy to share that, as well as other fun and games, with your party goers as well. So, if you are hosting a library show, a birthday party, or just an event where you would like to have a princess, be sure to give us a call so that we can help make your event a royal success.

Greet your guests with stilt walkers and you will create a buzz of excitement and an uproar of cameras and phones as your guests photograph themselves with the stilt walkers and talk about it with their friends. Stilts are great when trying to build social media awareness about your event or just trying to make an impression. Our stilt walkers are also expert costume designers and able to create any custom costume you would like if it is not already available. Take your event to new heights with our amazing stilt walkers. Be sure to ask about specialty stilt artists who can also juggle, breathe fire, twist balloons, or incorporate magic into their stilt walking act.

Belly Dancers
Our traditional style belly dancers are able to perform at your event, teach classes for children or adults, and can even perform with specialty tools, animals, or fire. For the best in belly dancing entertainment for your party or event, contact us. Our dancers are the best in the area and even train other performers worldwide. Our Tampa based belly dancers serve all of Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Tampa, but will travel as well.

Fire Performers
Fire is dangerous, but can also be a lot of fun. Our professional fire performers are top of the line entertainers, masters in the skills they perform, and also very conscious of the risks and dangers associated with fire. Keeping safety of your guests and your property first, our world class fire performers will awe and amaze you with death defying stunts and artful manipulation of fire. Our fire performance crew is simply the best and able to put on a single person fire manipulation demonstration complete with fire eating and fire contact work, or able to put on a full-fledged fire show with pyrotechnics, flame cannons, music, and multiple fire performing entertainers. We have found balance in safety, skill and daring to bring you the best fire performers in the business. Some of the fire toys include fire poi, double poi, fire ropes, fire staff, double staff, matchstick, fire whip, fire hoop, fire fans, fire juggling, fire diabolo, and even one of our signature pieces, the rocket staff.

Luau Shows
For your next luau party consider hour luau show. Wish traditional Polynesian fire dances, hula girls, and themed music our luau shows are simply the best on the east coast. They incorporate historically accurate dances, a fun show of skill, and a liberal amount of audience participation maximizing the fun for everyone. Have our hula girls greet your guests with leis and direct them to their seats as our musician creates the ultimate in island atmosphere with Polynesian, Caribbean and Hawaiian music.

Body Artists
Full body painting for logos, advertisements, or billboards is only just the beginning. Our body painters are truly artists using the body as a canvas. Utilizing the most up to date techniques and materials, our body painters are able to paint any logo, scene, or picture onto any model. They have simulated clothes, painted cartoon scenes, and even done illusion paintings in the past. When you are looking for the best in body are and body painting, we know what’s up.